How to choose the feeder for cement factory

Now, the mechanical equipment develops very fast. Here, we would like to introduce feeders to you. Feeders has widely application in industry, and it also has many types, such as disk feeder, electromagnetic feeder, vibrating feeder, etc.

There are more and more mechanized equipment use in cement plant, among them is the feeder which is very very important for cement plant. So what kind of feeders can be used in cement plant?

1.Chain plate-type constant feeder, this kind of feeder is widely used in cement plant, it can feed material with high temperature and high hardness to downstream equipment, measured material volume in the feeding process.

2.Quantitative feeder, this kind of feeder is mainly used to measure the volume of limestone. In this case, it can greatly save manpower and effectively improve the work efficiency.

Nowadays, science and technology has developed fast, there also are other type feeders to be used in cement plant. Meanwhile, we can produce cement machinery, such as bucket elevator, belt conveyor, screw conveyor and scraper conveyor. If you have any interest, you can contact us at any time or visit here:



Quality of steel-cord conveyor belt in belt conveyor is very important

For conveyor belt, quality of steel cord is the key factor to determine the service life of belt conveyor, so please choose best quality steel cord conveyor belt. Compared with general conveyor belt, what are the advantages of this kind of conveyor belt? Here we will introduce it to you, please look at the following writing.

1. High strength. Due to the high strength, the length of a conveyor can be increased a lot. At present, belt conveyor used steel-core conveyor belt can reach more than 10 km in the domestic.

2. Elongation is small. Theelongation ofsteel cord conveyor is only the one-tenth of canvas, so that the tensioning device stroke can be reduced. Another feature of the steel cord conveyor belt is the longitudinal elasticity is high, so even when the tension spreads quickly, there is no phenomenon of surge at start and braking.

3.The troughability is good.As the steel cord is arranged along the longitudinal direction of conveyor belt, and close to conveyor rollers, whichcan form a larger groove angle.\

4.Good impact resistance and bending fatigue resistance. As the steel core is made of very thin steel wire twistinginto a rope, its bending fatigue and impact resistance are very good.

5.Easy to repair after damaged. Once the steel cord conveyor beltisdamaged, the damage is almost no longer expanded, so it’s easy to repair it.

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Why does circular vibrating screen occur blockage

During use of circular vibrating screen, the material properties are different and its shape is not the same. Due to the different shapes of materials, it will form different material blockage phenomenon. After analysis of our engineer, there are several reasons lead to mesh blockage of circular vibrating screen, please see the following writing.

  1. There are a lotof particles near the separation point.
  2. High water content of materials.
  3. Spherical particles or material with multiple connecting points tothe screen.
  4. Electrostatic discharge occurs.
  5. Material is a kind of material with fiber.
  6. There are many flake particles material.
  7. Diameter of weaving wire meshis too thick.
  8. It is not reasonable design for screen mesh to cause particles stuck.

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