Portable belt conveyor

  • Overview

Mobile/Portable belt conveyor is one of the transportation equipment which can continue transport bulk materials or article. This conveyor equipped with wheels can move anywhere you like. The transmission angle can be adjusted according to the actual needs and the maximum inclination may reach 22°.

  • Features

a. On the bottom of mobile belt conveyor is an universal wheel which can move flexibly and people can push it.

b.The length and lifting height can be customized according to the actual situation about the site.

c. According to the materials bulk or article the conveyor speed can be fast or slow.

d. It can work by single or together with other equipment.

e. Between the material and conveyor belt there is no relative movement. Not only run a small resistance, but also reduce the damage and abrasion for cargo and there have high productivity.

  • Applications

Mobile belt conveyor is widely used in coal, metallurgy, mine, chemical industry, building materials, pier, warehouse, construction site, etc. It can deliver bulk materials or box bag-like articles.

  • Structure


Mobile belt conveyor


  • Parameters
    Model Belt Width (mm) Conveying Distance(m) Belt Speed(m/s) Lifting Height (m) Slope Angle(º) Capacity (m3/h)
    DY50 500 5-20 0.8-1.6 Adjustable 10-26 50-140
    DY65 650 5-20 100-250
    DY80 800 5-20 170-350
    DY100 1000 5-20 270-550
  • Case

Protable belt conveyor 01Portable belt conveyor exported to Ethiopia

Processing material: Compost

Model : DY5010

Quantity:6 sets

Date: 2013.11

Protable belt conveyor 02Portable belt conveyor exported to Zambia

Processing material: Sugar bags

Model: DY6512

Quantity: 4 sets


Protable belt conveyor 03Portable belt conveyor exported to Mali

Processing material: grain

Model: DY5015,DY5018

Quantity: 7sets

Date: 2015.5

Protable belt conveyor 04Portable belt conveyor exported to Philippines

Processing material: 50kg bags

Model: DY6512

Quantity:2 sets

Date: 2015.09

  • Packaging

Nude packing.

  • Guidelines

a. Material name_____;

b. Bulk material or in bag?

c. If bulk material, please confirm the bulk density_____t/m³;

d. Handling capacity_____t/h;

e. If in bag, please confirm the weight and dimension of the bag_____;

f. Max. lifting height_____m;

g. Conveyor length_____m.