scraper conveyor
  • Overview

Incline scraper chain conveyor is a conveying equipment with closed rectangular shell, under the movement of the scraper and chain it conveys bulk material in powder, small grains and small pieces continuously, it’s mainly used for vertical or big obliquity conveying of materials.

  • Features

a. Fully enclosed to prevent environmental pollution.

b. Light weight, small volume.

c. Simple structure, easy to install and maintain.

d. Multipoint charging and discharging.

e. Vertical or big obliquity conveying.

  • Applications

Incline scraper chain conveyor can be widely used in chemical industry, machinery, metallurgy, light industry, food, medicine, transportation, water and electricity industries, used for transporting materials in shape of powder, small grains and small pieces.

  • Structure

MC Scraper conveyor


  • Parameters


Trough Width Transport Speed Material Bulk Density Capacity Conveying Height Installation Angle
(mm) (m/s) (t/m3) (m3/h) (m)


MC16 160  


—0.16 m/s —0.20 m/s —0.25 m/s —0.32 m/s



0.2~1.8 t/m3






—30° —45° —60° —75° —90°

MC20 200 15~30
MC25 250 23~46
MC32 320 46~74
MC40 400 55~110
  • Case

Incline Scraper Chain Conveyor 01 MC scraper conveyor exported to Russia

Processing material: Fly ash

Model: MC16

Quantity: 4 sets

Date: 2015.06

Incline Scraper Chain Conveyor 02 MC scraper conveyor exported to Pakistan

Processing material: Soda ash

Model :MC25

Quantity: 7 sets

Date: 2015.10

  • Packaging

a. Wooden pallet;

b. Wooden case.

  • Guidelines

a. Material name_____;

b. Max. size_____mm;

c. Material temperature_____℃;

d. Environmental temperature_____℃;

e. Moisture content_____%;

f. Bulk density_____t/m³;

g. Handling capacity_____t/h;

h. Length of the horizontal section:____________m;

I. Length of the inclined section:_________m;

J. Conveyor angle:___________degree;

K. We will appreciate it if you can provide the layout drawing.