• Overview

Pipe screw conveyor is a sealed tube that with the continuous rotary movement of screw blade inside to drive the material moving, it’s used for conveying powder, particle, block with small density.

  • Features

a. Simple structure, small volume.

b. Stable running, easy maintenance, long life service.

c. Good sealing, large capacity, low cost.

d. Multipoint feeding and discharging.

e. Stainless or carbon steel as your requirement.

  • Applications

Pipe screw conveyor is widely used in construction, chemical, power, metallurgy, mining and grain industry, it is can be installed horizontally or inclined.

  • Structure

Pipe screw conveyor

  • Parameters


Screw Diameter Screw Rotation Speed Inclination Angle Conveyor Length
(mm) (r/min) (degree)


GX 200 200 20, 30, 35, 45, 60,75, 90, 120, 150, 190 < 20° 3~70
GX 250 250
GX 300 300
GX 400 400
GX 500 500
GX 600 600
  • Case

Pipe screw conveoyr 01Pipe screw conveyor exported to Ukraine

Processing material: Coal powder

Model: GX200

Quantity: 4 sets

Date: 2015.06

Pipe screw conveoyr 02 Pipe screw conveyor exported to Malysia

Processing material: Powder

Model: GX250

Quantity: 3 sets


  • Packaging

a. Wooden pallet;

b. Wooden case

  • Guidelines

a. Material name_____;

b. Max. size_____mm;

c. Bulk density_____t/m³;

d. Moisture content_____%;

e. Material temperature_____℃;

f. Environment temperature_____℃;

g. Handling capacity_____t/h;

h. The center distance between the inlet and outlet_____m;

i. Inclined or horizontal installation?

j. If inclined, please confirm the conveyor angle_____degree.