Conveyor roller

The roller is usually equipped in the belt conveyor, which is widely used in coal mines, metallurgy, ports, construction site, power station, and chemical, food industries.

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Ultra High Molecular Polyethylene Roller

Ultra High Molecular Roller is adopted ultrahigh molecular polyethylene pipe which produced by high technology as its body, bearing seat and seal are fully rubber material made by one-time.

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Conveyor Pulley

The conveyor pulley widely used in coal mines, metallurgy, machinery, ports, construction, electricity, chemistry, food packing and other industries.

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Conveyor Rainproof Cover

Conveyor rainproof cover is made by color steel plate.It is used to protect transported material, conveyor belting, idlers and structure from rain, wind, dust during transportation and reducing material loss.Conveyor cover makes operation and transportation safe and reliable,it also plays an important role to purify the environment.more标签 副本_meitu_2

vibration-motor1Vibration Motor

Vibration motor is the general exciting vibration source of all kinds of vibrating machines such as vibrating screen, vibrating feeder, vibrating molding machine, vibrating sand mixer, vibrating buffing machine, block-proof device, vibrating test-bed, etc

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