• Overview

Linear vibrating screen use vibration motor or vibrator excitation as the vibration source, make the material being thrown up on the screen, at the same time, forward a straight line, the material move from the feeder port evenly into the sieving machine, after multilayer’s sieving, the oversize and undersize material will go out by each other’s outlet.

  • Features

a. Low cost, less noise, durable sieves.

b. Lid locking device and easy loading and unloading.

c. Screen mesh with cleaning device in case of blocking.

d. Durable.

e. Rolling steel sheet and profiles welded.

  • Applications

Linear sieve widely used in coal, mining, construction, chemical, milling, grain, fertilizer industry for powder, particle screening.

  • Structure

Linear vibrating screen

  • Parameters
    Type Layer Sieve Dimension (mm) Sieve Mesh (mesh) Particle Size (mm) Capacity (t/h) Power (kW) Double Amplitude (mm) Frequency (r.p.m) Screen Angle (degree)
    ZS-520 1-5 500X2000 2-325 <20mm <5 0.37×2 6-10 1460/960 0-10
    ZS-525 1-5 500X2500 2-325 <20mm <8 0.37×2 6-10 1460/960 0-10
    ZS-612 1-5 600X1200 2-325 <20mm <3 0.37×2 6-10 1460/960 0-10
    ZS-1020 1-5 1000X2000 2-325 <20mm <12 0.75×2 6-10 1460/960 0-10
    ZS-1025 1-5 1000X2500 2-325 <20mm <16 0.75×2 6-10 1460/960 0-10
    ZS-1030 1-5 1000X3000 2-325 <20mm <20 1.1×2 6-10 1460/960 0-10
    ZS-1224 1-5 1200X2400 2-325 <20mm <23 1.5×2 6-10 1460/960 0-10
  • Case

Linear vibrating screen 01Linear vibrating screen exported to Ethiopia

Processing material: silica sand

Model: 3ZS1224

Quantity:2 sets

Date: 2013.05

Linear vibrating screen 02Linear vibrating screen exported to Namibia

Processing material: Pegmatite

Model: 2ZSH1536

Quantity: 2 sets

Date: 2014.10

Linear vibrating screen 03 Linear vibrating screen exported to Saudi Arabia

Processing material: sand

Model: 3ZS1224

Quantity:2 sets

Date: 2015.4

Linear vibrating screen 04Linear screen exported to Philippines

Processing material: limestone


Quantity:4 sets

Date: 2015.10


  • Packaging

a. Wooden pallet;

b. Wooden case

  • Guidelines

a. Material name:_____;

b. Max. size:_____mm;

c. Material temperature:_____℃;

d. Environmental temperature:_____ ℃;

e. Moisture content:_____%;

f. Bulk density:_____t/m³;

g. Handling capacity:_____t/h;

h. Layer:_____;

i. Aperture size of each layer:_____mm.